Ceramic braces are usually chosen because the patient wants as little attention as possible given to the fact that they have braces. That can backfire, however, when colorful foods tint your braces. Do clean ceramic bracesceramic braces stain? Absolutely! Given that motivation, keeping the clear braces clean and stain free is doubly important. Make sure to avoid “trouble foods” and keep your mouth as clean as possible. Here are a few pointers for how!

Keep Stains Away!

The enamel brackets that are affixed to the teeth are very sensitive to colored foods and beverages. To make sure that your brackets stay stain free, avoid these foods and beverages if possible:
• Tomato-based foods
• Artificially colored foods
• Mustards
• Colored sodas
• Black coffee
• Dark teas
• Cigarettes

Ceramic braces do stain just like any other piece of ceramic might, but avoiding the above foods is an excellent way to reduce the chances.

Daily Cleaning and Stain-Removing Practices

Brush your teeth after every meal and clean your braces as often as prescribed by your orthodontist. It is important not only to keep your enamel brackets looking good, but also to prevent cavities. Cavities are easier to get when the teeth are covered by any kind of braces.

It is essential that you follow your orthodontist’s instructions. Some tips he may give you include the following:

1. Brush your teeth carefully using an electric toothbrush at least twice a day. An electric toothbrush cleans your teeth and ceramic braces much better than using a manual toothbrush.

2. Use mouthwash along with brushing. After you brush, do not forget to swish liberal amounts of mouthwash to wash loose any leftover bits of food. Carry a portable bottle to use away from home. Water flossers can also be used when at home.

3. Be careful not to use whitening toothpaste. If you use whitening products, you will only whiten your natural teeth, not your ceramic braces. You do not want your smile to have spots! Using whiteners will make the braces look yellower when compared next to your teeth.

4. Floss your teeth carefully at least once every day. Don’t let cavities build up in between your teeth.

5. Remove any stains with peroxyl mouth rinses. You can buy these rinses, or make your own by mixing equal parts of hydrogen peroxide and any regular mouthwash. Store the mixture in a bottle so you have it ready and follow the rinse up with a thorough brushing of your teeth.

6. If you do drink coffee or other staining liquid or food, follow it up with a lemon drink to neutralize the stain.

Do ceramic braces stain? Emphatically, yes they do! But yours don’t have to. Follow the tips we’ve laid out and keep your ceramic braces as beautiful as they do you got them!