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We all remember old movies and television shows featuring teenagers who were forced to wear huge, embarrassing head gear as part of their orthodontics. Bulky systems like those are (thankfully) a thing of the past. There are still cases when braces alone cannot correct orthodontic issues, but these issues can usually be corrected with small orthodontic appliances placed within the mouth in conjunction with braces.


Some of the most common appliances used in orthodontics are bite plates, spacers, lingual arches, and palate expanders. These tools and others like them can be used to improve the shape of the mouth. Some improve the bite, correcting under-bites and over-bites. Others manipulate the shape of the palate, a change that can improve speech. Correctly shaping the inside of the mouth can have an immense effect upon oral health, proper tooth alignment, and even the shape of a person’s face. Most appliances are used before braces are placed on the teeth, usually with younger patients. In some cases, appliances can even correct very minor tooth movement, eliminating the need for braces altogether.


When you come in for your initial consultation at Birmingham Orthodontics, your orthodontist will let you know if your treatment will include any appliances and how they will be used. Our team will also be happy to discuss your long-term treatment plan with you as well as inform you of our affordable financing options. To set up your first appointment, contact our team today.